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We can offer customers a hands-on workshop to get familiar with the OPA on AWS platform.

For scheduling events please reach out to

Target Audience

The workshop targets two key roles:

  • Application Developers
  • Platform /Dev-ops Engineers


  • Timing - about 1 hour.
  • A room that supports the number of attendees - each will log-in to their own account/platform.
  • Optional: Whiteboard to illustrate architecture and facilitate question and answer sessions.

Workshop Offering

  • Hands-on experience with OPA on AWS
  • Conduct the workshop across multiple teams up to 30+ attendees at a time
  • Pre-configured platform environment so you can experience with OPA on AWS - with no prior cloud experience needed
  • Bootstrap cloud development and test your application with your own code

Workshop Content

The workshop is an opportunity to learn about OPA on AWS and some of it’s major capabilities. Participants of this workshop will assume the role of two personas (Platform Engineer and Application Developer) to deploy a runtime environment and application using the OPA on AWS platform. Specifically participants will walk through the following steps:

  • Platform Engineers

    1. Creating Environments and environment providers
    2. Deploying an environment provider
    3. Deploying an environment
  • Application Developers

    1. Deploying an application to an environment that has already been created
    2. Adding environment variables via the UI
    3. Interacting with code repository (pushing and pulling code changes and executing pipelines)
    4. Interacting with environment via the UI (starting/stopping task, View logs, related infrastructure etc)
    5. Optional: Deploy an application to another environment (i.e. dev → prod)
    6. Optional: Bind application to an existing resource (i.e. database)