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Orchestrate Platforms
and Applications
on AWS

Fast, secure, and at-scale. A developer portal to meet your Enterprise needs.

OPA on AWS at BackstageCon 2024

Upcoming OPA on AWS conference sessions: PlatformCon 2024

Orchestrate Platforms and Applications (OPA) on AWS is an open source reference implementation that ties together AWS services into an enterprise-ready offering. By abstracting AWS services, OPA on AWS allows application developers to focus on what they do best – write application logic!

Platform engineering teams can promote best practices at-scale, while providing a productive and pleasurable experience for non-cloud developers

AWS Software catalog in a click of a button

Scale the use of AWS Services using templates

Manage your applications using a single interface

Single Pane of Glass

Provision and monitor all environments, resources, and applications in one place

Enterprise Ready

Built with common enterprise patterns: self-managed provisioning, compliant, SCM for IAC and policy statements, and automated operations via pipelines

Empower Your Developers

Return to the classic days of writing application code on your local environment, you won’t even notice it’s AWS!

Templated Environments

Includes out of the box environments, applications, patterns, and resources and add more easily

Cloud Acceleration

No cloud skills? No problem! Build applications on AWS without knowing AWS

Pluggable Architecture

Built on the CNCF Backstage developer portal, enjoy 100’s of plugins to customize the developer experience

Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs

Save time and money by scaling your cloud talent and increasing productivity across the board

Focus on What Matters

Build applications easy, fast, and at scale while maintaining your security standards and guardrails

Scale Development

Build hundreds of apps on hundreds of environments for hundreds of teams - on AWS cloud