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OPA on AWS published four plugins, which together compose the platform and provide the integration with AWS services.



Backstage Plugins description

Backend - @aws/plugin-aws-apps-backend-for-backstageBackstage backend pluginresponsible for all outgoing API calls to AWS, SCM (Gitlab) and the platform
Frontend - @aws/plugin-aws-apps-for-backstageBackstage frontend pluginresponsible for all UI interaction components - pages, components, state and frontend API
Common - @aws/plugin-aws-apps-common-for-backstageBackstage isomorphic pluginshareable plugin for both frontend, backend and scaffolder, used to define interfaces and types
Scaffolder - @aws/plugin-scaffolder-backend-aws-apps-for-backstageBackstage scaffolder plugincontains the actions required to execute the templates

For more information on backstage plugins visit Backstage plugin documentation

Plugin dependencies

Plugin source code

  1. Backend plugin
  2. Frontend plugin
  3. Common plugin
  4. Scaffolder plugin