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0.3.3 - 2024-02-26

New Features

  • Amazon ECS using EC2 nodes sample added to reference template
  • Add check for cdk bootstrap during environment provider provisioning to avoid manual pre-req
  • GenAI runtime environment provider template
  • GenAI RAG application template

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure Terraform state bucket name uniqueness
  • Hard-coded region in EKS provider
  • code hygiene


  • Security and Permissions updates
  • Kubernetes runtime and template docs
  • Contribution guidance
  • Architecture description and diagram improvements
  • General fixes to typos and clarifications
  • GenAI runtime and template docs

0.3.2 - 2024-01-29


  • fixes reference repository pipelines to correct build issues
  • fixes installation doc image referencing GitLab 16.8.1 in the AWS Marketplace

0.3.1 - 2024-01-24


  • Backstage plugin version identifiers required for 0.3.0 release
  • introduces a workaround for GitLab 16.8 error when creating new user
  • introduces a workaround for an image build error due to upgraded "swagger-ui-react" module

0.3.0 - 2024-01-23

New Features

  • Support for Kubernetes:
    • Add Amazon EKS provider
    • Import existing Amazon EKS clusters
    • Add Amazon EKS Application for K8s Kustomize pattern
    • Add Amazon EKS Application for K8s Helm pattern
    • Add CI/CD patterns for K8s applications
    • New UI Page for K8s with control panel to operate the application
  • S3 Bucket as a shared resource
  • Reuse existing VPC when creating providers(Import existing VPC)
  • Amazon ECS provider with EC2 clusters for tailored workloads
  • Updated Backstage platform to v1.21
  • Support filter relevant environments for new apps

New Documentation

  • Security documentation
  • Test cases
  • Add a basic provider template - example for starting your own provider templates.


  • Remove hyphenated names from entities
  • Adding support for component subType for easy identification of internal AWS component classification

Bug Fixes

  • Delete provider - case name issue
  • Delete app - case name issue
  • Delete resource - remove secret deletion + adjusted stack name mapping
  • Remove provider from an environment after creation

0.2.0 - 2023-09-26

New Features

  • Environment and Environment provider entity types
  • Multi-account and multi-region support
  • Environment and Environment provider provisioning from Backstage
  • GitLab pipelines for CI/CD to build and deploy applications
  • Dynamic pipelines for new environment deployments
  • Environment addition at application level
  • Introduce environment hierarchy/level and require approval options for AWS Environment
  • Application auditing per environment
  • Environment selector drop down - Contextual environment switching for applications
  • Resource template for RDS
  • Resource Binding to applications
  • AWS-Resource Backstage Page
  • App Pending page - while pipeline is still provisioning the app/resource
  • Java SpringBoot template
  • Delete App & Delete Provider capabilities
  • Serverless and ECS environment provider examples
  • Permissions framework adoption
  • Installation improvements

0.1.0 - 2023-04-10

New Features

initial release