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About OPA on AWS

Orchestrate Platforms and Applications (OPA) on AWS brings AWS cloud closer to your developers. The platform allows enterprise to build environments and applications on AWS without requiring to upskill on cloud expertise. OPA on AWS provides a reference implementation for an enterprise grade fully integrated platform. Improving the developer work with a secure and scalable experience for non-cloud developers.

Based on Backstage which is an open-source platform enabling a well built and well-designed user interface for OPA on AWS. The Backstage platform itself has been adopted by over 900 companies as their primary developer portal in the past 3 years and has over 100 plugins available for its end users. OPA on AWS takes Backstage to the next level by seamlessly integrating it with AWS and packaging it together for enterprise use.

FSI PACE Platform Engineering Team

FSI PACE Platform engineering team is focused on unblocking customers and accelerate their journey to the cloud. While working with different customers in the financial services industry, we kept seeing the same challenges being surfaced about landing zones, lack of cloud skills, and difficulties building an internal developer platforms. Many of our customers have been trying to build internal solutions, or found themselves paying hefty fees for external services. Along with our customers, we’ve embarked on this journey of simplifying their internal AWS experience. Thus came to be OPA on AWS.

Our goal is to provide a simple, safe, easy-to-use solution, that reduces the overhead from the DevOps team and allows developers to be more productive while still granting the flexibility and security guardrails that every enterprise needs. With OPA on AWS you can move fast, safe, and at scale.

Zahi Ben Shabat

Anthony Watson

Jim McVea

Lee Silverman

Kenneth Jackson


Alexis Tekin

Simon Gebreselassie

Kareem Abdol-Hamid

Daniela Vargas

Hemal Gadhiya

Alseny Diallo


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